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Couples in long-distance dating relationships (LDDRs) must determine how to best communicate with one another to maintain their relationship without the advantage of being geographically close. Fortunately, with advances in technology, individuals in LDDRs have multiple options regarding how they choose to communicate with their relational partner. These individuals may utilize more traditional modes, such as letter writing or phone calls, or more modern modes, such as text messaging or social media. However, not all of these communication modes may allow for satisfying communication or communication that benefits the relationship. Therefore, this study investigates how the frequency of use of different communication modes correlates with communication satisfaction and relational satisfaction. The responses of 126 participants were analyzed. Phone calls were found to correlate with the highest communication satisfaction, while text messaging correlated with the highest relational satisfaction. The results were examined through the lens of idealization as well as the advantages and disadvantages of communication modes that the participants addressed.

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Dr. Jieyoung Kong


Communication Technology and New Media | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Social Media