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The opportunity to predict and document severe weather across the Plains is not available to many, but it is a vital experience for those who hope to truly excel in meteorology. The ability to travel alongside one of the professors that has guided you through the program, apply the knowledge gained from that professor and many others, and view nature’s breathtaking power in person is truly a capstone experience for any meteorology major. Luckily, the B.S. Meteorology Program at WKU offers a select group of students this opportunity annually. This portfolio report will consist of documentation I recorded during my time in the classroom and the field as a participant in the Field Methods in Weather Analysis and Forecasting course that took place in May 2016. This includes daily activity logs, brief forecast discussions, accounts of the decision-making process, and photography, as well as personal reflections authored over the course of the experience. The goal of such a portfolio is to effectively convey the importance of the opportunity to chase severe weather and encourage others to take that opportunity in the future. This will hopefully bring students to the storm-chase program that would not have joined otherwise, and increase the WKU Meteorology Program’s output of exceptionally trained, experienced, and highly qualified meteorologists.

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Dr. Joshua Durkee


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