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This paper examines, through secondary research, the concept of industrial democracy and how it has been applied in several different counties. A brief explanation of industrial democracy introduces the paper, followed by an examination of its application in selected countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South American and the United States. Most of the successful experiments have occurred in Europe, and therefore a large portion of the paper is dedicated to studies of European examples. In each of these an historical view has been presented, follower by a description of the current status of the concept and some specific cases where democracy in selected countries are also presented Following these is an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of industrial democracy, and a review of opinions on the subject expressed by labor leaders and corporate executives. The effects the trend has had on multinational companies, especially American multinationals operating abroad, are also presented, and the concluding section deals with my own views on the future of industrial democracy, especially in the United States.

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William W. McCartney


Comparative Politics | International Relations