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The criminal industry of elder financial fraud and exploitation (EFFE) is a growing concern among policy makers as well as researchers. This is due to the growing financial impact exploiters are having on their victims. EFFE is defined by the National Center on Elder Abuse as “the illegal or improper use of an elder’s funds, property, or assets (NCEA, 2017).” Following this definition, the quantity of wealth determined to have been lost due to EFFE is staggering. As the tangible capital loss has grown so has the need for more research into this topic. The research in this paper seeks to accurately define the problem of EFFE through a legislative review and then utilize regression analysis to discover potential variables that could affect its prevalence in specific states. By correlating data gathered from the Consumer Sentinel Network, released under a Freedom of Information Act request, and the United States Census Bureau, I hope to generate policy recommendations that will combat EFFE in an efficient and effective manner.

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Dr. Cathy Carey


Economics | Elder Law | Gerontology