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Recent research has implied that male body dissatisfaction is more prevalent than previously thought and manifests as a drive for thinness and/or a drive for muscularity. Previous efforts to elucidate the factors behind these drives have explored the concepts of gender norm conformation (masculinity/femininity) and sexuality, but not the interplay of the two. This study explores the effects of sexuality on the drive for thinness and drive for muscularity with conformation to feminine and masculine gender norms as a mediator. Participants completed a written questionnaire including the Sell Assessment of Sexual Orientation, the Conformation to Masculine Norms Inventory - 46, the Conformation to Feminine Norms Inventory - 45, the Drive for Thinness sub-scale of the Eating Disorder Inventory (modified), and the Drive for Muscularity Scale. It was hypothesized that masculinity and heterosexuality would confer a drive for muscularity; femininity and homosexuality would confer a drive for thinness; and gender norm conformation would mediate the effects of sexuality on these drives. The results showed a positive correlation between femininity and the drive for thinness; a positive correlation between masculinity and both the drive for muscularity and drive for thinness; and that masculinity mediates the effect of heterosexuality on the drive for muscularity.

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Dr. Rick Grieve


Clinical Psychology | Gender and Sexuality