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Being in a different country, far away from home, surrounded by strangers that speak a different language than your mother tongue is daunting. Most international students often feel out of place when they arrive in America for the first time. What can we do to change international students’ perspective of Bowling Green from one of being a “boring, small town” to a vibrant growing community? This project will use social media platform like Facebook to promote restaurants and other attractions. Users can write reviews of restaurants, shops, and places to visit in Bowling Green. By including the hashtag #ReviewBowlingGreen on the reviews, people will be able to find more information easier. This will allow people to interact, leave suggestions and questions, and have conversations under the posts. Students will be engaged by including interviews and surveys from both international and domestic students. This project aims to help WKU international students from all over the world feel more comfortable and familiar with the town, making Bowling Green their home away from home.

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Mr. Chris Derry


International and Intercultural Communication | Marketing | Social Media | Tourism and Travel