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“Stitched Past” tells the stories of vulnerable women in Lima, Peru. Despite the emotional and physical impacts of poverty, the women seek mentorship, education, and job security through Krochet Kids International. Krochet Kids, a U.S.-based non-profit organization, offers women in Peru and Uganda the opportunity to create knitwear to be sold online. In addition to gaining a new job and skill, the women receive counseling, affordable childcare, and supportive community. Krochet Kids approaches empowerment from a holistic perspective. The mentors encourage growth in five categories: financial, intellectual, physical, social, and psychological. This model of personal development ensures that the women sustain a healthy lifestyle after graduation from the three year program. Each program participant graduates with a savings account and business plan in order to pursue a financial goal of hers. This goal-oriented strategy changes the women’s perception of poverty. One of Krochet Kids’ greatest challenges lies in helping the women believe that they can better their own situations. With newfound confidence, the women often see changes in their emotional stability and decision-making abilities as well.

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Mr. Tim Broekema


Graphic Communications | Graphic Design | International and Intercultural Communication | Photography | Visual Studies