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Family and Consumer Sciences

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In the field of interior design, functionality and aesthetics are combined to create spaces that are beautiful, but also serve a variety of purposes. Broadly categorized into residential and commercial sectors, interior design considers the health and wellness of users in a space, and strives to improve the standard of living. Quality interior design is often treated as a luxury afforded only to the wealthy, although the field can and should be applied to benefit a wider demographic. Intelligent design and space planning can be used as a tool for community-building, especially among populations often overlooked due to reasons such as financial inequalities. This particular design revolves around the reuse of a historic building in Bowling Green and its redesign as a living community for low-income members of the public. Public housing projects are often designed as drab, prison-like facilities, which stigmatize and “other” less fortunate community members. This complex is modeled to provide well-designed, fully accessible housing units that provide safe, clean environments for low-income residents who cannot afford the hefty price tag that comes along with “good design”, but still deserve that same sense of community and wellness.

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Ms. Sheila Flener


Historic Preservation and Conservation | Interior Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning