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Marketing and Sales

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Social media is a medium that is becoming increasingly relevant in the marketplace, especially in the arts arena. It is the marketing tool that allows for the more customized engagement between a brand and the target market, often at a lower price than traditional outlets. As a visual industry, dance has a lot of opportunities for content in digital marketing. Other industries in the entertainment realm, such as professional sports or concert music have similar goals with their intended target audiences: develop relationships with consumers to inevitably increase patronage to the organizations’ events. Social media content marketing allows organizations to achieve these goals. Interviews were conducted with the social media expert from each of the following organizations: Nashville Predators, Nashville Symphony, and the Nashville Ballet. Common themes for best practices in social media marketing were developed across all three. By analyzing their individual practices, recommendations, and perspectives of social media use in their respective industries, a comprehensive social media marketing plan was developed for a professional dance company.

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Dr. Joanna Melancon, Amanda Clark


Dance | Marketing