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Urban economics, like all other fields of economics, is a science. A region must be identified, then dissected and analyzed, if one is to determine what gives it life. A study of Nashville, for example. reveals that it depends upon far more than country music for its economic survival. Indeed, the city is a complex organism made of components that must complement each other to insure their existence. One of the most important aspects of Nashville's stability is its locale. Its centralized location, much like a heart, is serviced by arteries of railroads, highways, airways, and river routes. Because of this, Nashville is an ideal region for industrial sectors highly dependent upon transportation. Printing and publishing is one such sector. Throughout Nashville's history, printing and publishing has been one of the most important factors in its development. Historical data confirm its longevity, but more importantly, the tools of urban economics give measure to its substantial financial impact upon the region.

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Dr. Daniel A. Myer


Corporate Finance | Other Business