Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Theatre and Dance

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Modern dance evolves everyday with new movement ideas, styles, and teachings. Not only can modern dance be new and innovative, but it can also be a mirror reflection of the current time period. It is an art form often used to make a social statement. It can become a discussion of the past, present, or future. Modern dance informs its audience through an intent chosen by the choreographer or dancers. The intent varies depending on time, space, emotion, and myriad other conditions. My studies will examine how the different periods of modern dance aligned with the waves of the feminist movement throughout time. Feminism, like dance, is an ever-changing movement. Over time, its ideals have meshed, obstacles have been confronted, and struggles have been overcome. Yet, there are still many inequalities that have not been addressed. Art, being one of the most powerful forms of social commentary, has had a large effect on feminism over time. Modern dance choreographers helped to shape modern dance, feminism, and American art into what they are today. In short, I have studied how modern dance has preserved, promoted, and advocated the story of feminism throughout its short history. By looking at modern dance choreographers’ works through different time periods as well as how my own work aligns with the current movement, I have studied the close connection between the art form and feminism.

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Prof. Amanda Clark, Prof. Meghen McKinley, Dr. Yufen Chang


Dance | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Women's Studies