Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


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The purpose of this project was to construct a framework for a family literacy program that would inform parents of Native English Speakers and English Learners on literacy practices and allow time for families to practice literacy together. The family literacy program consists of three sessions, each comprised of a 20-minute presentation to parents and a 30-minute parent-child literacy activity. Each session covered a different topic: early literacy practices, technology and literacy, and advocating for student success. The program was implemented in an adult literacy center, where parents who attended classes at the center and parents in the surrounding community could bring their families to participate in the program.

Advisor(s) or Committee Chair

Kristy Cartwright, Alison Youngblood, Cheryl Kirby-Stokes


Adult and Continuing Education | Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Elementary Education | Language and Literacy Education