Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects



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Founded as a response to a lack of female artists in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, the Guerrilla Girls have been an active voice in the art world for over thirty years. The Guerrilla Girls have a history that is filled with both internal and external power struggles and issues of having one’s voice heard on a variety of platforms. When successful in having their voices heard, the Guerrilla Girls use several tactics. The Gorilla masks, the overtly feminine clothing, and the use of the names of dead female artists and juxtaposed with the use of verified statistics that gives their outlandish behavior a heightened level of credibility. The Guerrilla Girls have used their experience and physical and artistic aesthetic to continue into the 21st century. Along with new opportunities, the millennium has brought the splintering into multiple groups with different specialties, the rise of posting their message to the internet via social media while continuing to post on physical walls, and the fight for equality and equal representation across several industries. The Guerrilla Girls have made their voices heard and have ushered in progress in representation despite said progress being less than desired.

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Guy Jordan, Ingrid Cartwright


Art and Design | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology