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There is a major gap in the availability of Next Generation Science Standard focused curriculum that effectively utilizes technology to solve real-world problems in an authentic way. “The Hottest Color for the Fastest Ride” will allow students to participate in the real-world application of reflection absorption of light and heat due to color through designing, building, and testing two dual-tone corvettes. This three-day unit of physics instruction designed for fourth- and fifth- grade science classrooms will be tied to a grand challenge that tasks the students with designing a dual-tone car that will stay cool during Kentucky’s hot summer weather and another dual-tone car that will stay warm during Kentucky’s cold winter weather using their knowledge of absorption and reflection of heat due to exterior color. This problem-based unit will provide a resource for elementary and middle school science educators seeking engaging physics-related problem-based instruction with strong real-world connections. This unit promotes student engagement through participation in lab experiments, outdoor activities, and hands-on exercises that teach students more about absorption, reflection, engineering, collecting and interpreting data, and supporting a scientific claim with evidence and reasoning.

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Rico Tyler, Catherine Poteet, Chris Keller


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