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For the completion of my capstone project with the Western Kentucky University Honors College, the following document details my experience with the American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME) Student Design Competition. This project was completed in a two semester sequence through working with a team of four. One semester focusing primarily on the design and the other on fabrication and evaluation. The 2019 ASME competition was the Pick and Place Race. In this event, 46 teams were challenged to design and construct a device having the ability to pick up balls of varying size. Both the design and assembly process are presented, as well as an evaluation of the device performance. Several systems engineering tools were applied and have been included within this report. Greater focus is applied to my specific contributions as a member of the WKU Student Design Team. The outcome of the project was satisfactory, and the experience was one I will always remember.

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Dr. Manohar Chidurala, Dr. Chris Byrne, Dr. Chris Keller


Mechanical Engineering | Systems and Communications