Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Political Science

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As more and more women run for elected offices, the need for information surrounding women in politics is growing. Scholars have extensively researched the factors that deter women from running for state legislature, but few have studied factors of the states and their populations that could potentially be promoting more female representation in state legislature. This research will compare the relationship between the state’s geographical location, the education level of the population, and the religiosity of the population to the percentage of women serving in the state legislature as of 2018. Additionally, this study will examine how Donald Trump’s presidency has affected the number of women in the state legislature as of 2019. The study has the potential to offer future women candidates the benefit of knowing what factors are working in their favor in their respective home states.

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Dr. Jeffrey Budziak, Dr. Victoria Gordon, Dr. Chris Keller


Political Science | Women's Studies