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The world is currently facing an unprecedented refugee crisis, which calls for the creation of programs designed to assist in the adjustment of refugee/immigration popuations to their host communities (“Refugees,” 2016). In the past, sports programs have often been used to ease the transition of refugee/immigrant youth to life in a new place, aiming to provide health benefits, increase language acquisition, improve social skills and connections, assist with enculturalziation, and create a space for fun (Block & Gibbs, 2017, p. 91; Youri, 2018). The goal of this project was to create a summer jump rope camp and continued program to explore potential benefits such a camp could provide to the refugee/immigrant youth in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Results of the project include methodology and materials developed for the camp, grounded in research on past camps, with the hopes of providing positive effects to participants. To that end, this study aims to serve as a template for future similar projects and provide initial questions for continued research on the effects of jump rope camps on the social integration and language acquisition of immigrant children in the US, with a goal of creating stronger, more cohesive communities.

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Dr. Trini Stickle, Dr. Alexander Olson



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