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Philosophy and Religion

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As part of my study-abroad experience during the fall of 2018, I was awarded a Benjamin H. Gilman Scholarship. One of the components of this nationally competitive scholarship was to complete a follow-on service project to share my experiences abroad with a wider audience and give back to the community. My project was to bring my harp and a DSLR camera and film 4-5 music videos, contextualizing Scottish music in the Scottish landscape and capture, at least a little bit, a sense of what it was to be abroad. The final project consists of four videos, each one highlighting a story, song, or place that I discovered while in Scotland. The first one is Thomas the Rhymer, a border ballad filmed in the Eildon Hills. The second is a Gaelic lullaby, Ba ba mo leanabh or ‘sleep, sleep my child’ in English. The third is a 12th century Latin hymn from Orkney, and the final video is an original composition setting the words of Sir Walter Scott’s Lay of the Last Minstrel to music.

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Walker Rutledge, Jeffrey Rice, Chris Keller


Film and Media Studies | Music | Photography

thomastrue8.mp4 (90158 kB)
Thomas the Rhymer

baba4.mp4 (70411 kB)
Ba ba mo leanabh

stmagnus2.mp4 (95993 kB)
Hymn to St. Magnus

melrose.mp4 (121871 kB)
Melrose by Moonlight