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An overnight camp is something that almost every child looks forward to attending. Unfortunately, children with chronic illnesses are often not able to attend these types of camps. However, medical camps that institute modifications can make overnight camp stays a reality for children with chronic illnesses. The purpose of this study was to explore modifications made for children with chronic illnesses at a medical camp. The two research questions for this study were: 1) what modifications do overnight camps make for children with chronic illnesses to keep them safe and promote fun, and 2) how can these modifications be applied to nursing practice? To answer these questions, a phenomenological study was conducted, and data was collected by direct observation and semi-structured interviews of parents or guardians and CCK staff members. While physical modifications were very important, the ones that made the most impact on the family and the children were the emotional ones. Based on these findings, it is important for nursing staff to encourage independence and family interaction when treating and caring for this population. Also, although nurses should help children feel “normal,” they should also let them know that their differences make them strong. Finally, a nurse should try to implement modifications that empower the child or family.

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Dr. Liz Sturgeon, Dr. Dawn Garrett-Wright, Ms. Susann Davis


Nursing | Pediatric Nursing