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This summer I had the honor of studying abroad in Spain for four weeks where I studied Spanish language and culture. As an African American female I experienced study abroad both as a scholar and as a minority. Through research and personal experience I have developed a thesis that aims to increase diversity and inclusion abroad, increasing representation of ethnic/minority U.S. students in education abroad. By sharing my journey through outreach I will educate students of color about financial opportunities to study abroad, in addition to resources regarding the minority experience abroad. This outreach series will help minority students better prepare to study abroad financially and emotionally, thus increasing their confidence and likelihood to participate in study abroad programs.

In this thesis I share my experience of being a minority student abroad and the research and materials I developed to help make the experience better for future students of color. I explain the current state of study abroad in the United States as well as the diversity in study abroad, both across the nation and at my institution, Western Kentucky University. This research will guide my outreach series of presentations that will be conducted in September of 2019. I will present to students affiliated with the following three campus organizations: the Office of Scholar Development, Intercultural Student Engagement Center, and Student Support Services. It is my hope that my study abroad outreach series on WKU’s campus will contribute to the effort to expand diversity and inclusion in study abroad on the Hill and in the greater Bowling Green community.

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Dr. Melinda Grimsley, Dr. Melissa Steward, Dr. John Dizgun


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