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Dark Magic is a novel that mixes old folklore with fantasy and a splash of modern day. This first part of the novel readies the readers to enter the world of the old Irish Aos Sì. Ophelia is a witch, living in the land of the fae. She signs up to help with a research study to better her chances at succeeding as a healer. Rhea is a member of the Tuatha de Danann, the fae folk who rule the land from their courts of old. She is sent by her caretaker to observe this study. Everyone knows witches and fae don’t get along, but will these two meeting spark more than just uncomfortable rivalry?

This work is based off old Irish folklore, belief, and customs. It takes tales told throughout generations and old histories that far predate Christian settlement of Ireland and creates a brand-new world. The research is used as inspiration, allowing this world to be both realistic and magical all at once.

This section is a draft intended for editors and readers to workshop. It can be improved upon.

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David Bell, Ph.D.


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature | Folklore