Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects



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Within the realm of web design and marketing, it is easy for the designer to get caught up in what he/she thinks the site needs to look like. The problem is that web users are trying to accomplish specific tasks, and websites need to be tailored towards these users, not towards the designer. To work on this problem, I chose to make a website entitled “” Most websites about single malts are too information-heavy and/or outdated. I used this problem to learn methods of user-oriented web design. To achieve this end, I gathered data through a survey. I then took this survey and created three personas of possible user segments, similar to those that marketing professionals use, with the data I collected. Through these personas, I was able to tailor my website’s design, content, and focus to match the demographic of new scotch enthusiasts. This method of research and design is useful for both marketers and web designers because it allows the end customer to be the primary influencer of the website’s creation. Through user persona-driven design, developers can ensure maximum customer engagement and satisfaction while remaining rhetorically sensitive.

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Daniel Liddle, Ph.D.


Communication Technology and New Media | Marketing | Technical and Professional Writing