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Theatrical works are distinguished from the rest of literature as a result of their unique context and intention. Drama is intended to be experienced live, not simply read, and is unique in that it calls for a specific space in which to be consumed. In the field of literary translation and adaptation, this poses an issue because even if the translated play is linguistically faithful to the original text on the page, this does not necessarily mean it will produce the same experience onstage for the viewing audience, due to inevitable cultural differences in reception. With data collected from immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this study encompasses the process and necessary elements of dramatic translation, from the preliminary research to the actualized production. In this process, Las casas íntimas by Buenos Aires-born playwright Eugenia Pérez Tomas evolves into The Secret Houses, a contemporary Argentine work translated for an American audience. The findings of this foray into theatrical translation outline the complexity and depth required for the development of translated works and provide a preliminary guide for those in the United States delving into this less-explored area of its theatrical, which proves to become more and more essential as our nation evolves.

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Inmaculada Pertusa, Ph.D.


Language Interpretation and Translation | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature | Theatre and Performance Studies