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Sustainability, or meeting the needs of current generations without sacrificing the needs of future generations, has become an increasingly pressing issue as more and more people realize that humanity is living far beyond its means. Greeks Go Green was a new competition on campus seeking to address this issue, by harnessing the power of the Greek competitive spirit and pitting organizations against each other to have the most sustainable chapter. Its goal was to not only have a tangible impact as a community, but to also show members of the Greek community how easy it is to make a difference and thereby change the culture surrounding sustainability. Greeks Go Green sought to encourage concrete, long-lasting change, and, in many ways, it accomplished this goal by helping students save single-use disposable items, lower their personal greenhouse gas emissions, and reflect on their own effects on the environment. While there are certainly areas for improvement, the competition was quite successful for its first year in operation.

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Leslie North, Ph.D.


Environmental Sciences | Sustainability