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Communication Sciences and Disorders

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The Quick Interactive Language Screener (QUILS) for language impairment was designed and normed for children of diverse backgrounds. This study examined the utility of the QUILS in a diverse school district by comparing failure rates across five elementary schools. Schools varied in racial composition (non-White range: 20.45 – 80%) and socioeconomic status (free/reduced lunch qualified range: 35.35 – 100%). Among 321 currently-enrolled kindergartners, 272 completed the QUILS. Using author recommendations for kindergarten-aged cutoff scores, the district-wide screening failure rate for primarily monolingual English speakers (n = 212; via parent questionnaire) was 16.51% (range: 7.69 – 34.29% per school). Failure rates were not independent of school (χ2(1, N = 5) = 16.92, p < .01). Individual school QUILS failure rates significantly correlated with the percent non-White student population of the school (r = .94; p < .01) and the percentage of the school that qualified for free/reduced lunch (r = .84; p < .05).

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Brian Weiler, Ph.D, CCC-SLP


Communication Sciences and Disorders | Education | Speech Pathology and Audiology