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Cancer occurs when the cell does not properly control its own cell cycle. It then replicates in an out of control fashion leading to the death of various organs and then the demise of the organism as a whole. As it seems to have always been a problem for cell-based life, certain safeguards against cancer have been evolved over time. One such method comes in the form of prevention via cyclin proteins, which are encoded from cyclin genes. The gene that is the focus of this research is the CCND1, or cyclin D1, gene that controls the progression through various parts of the cell cycle.

During the course of research, a portion of the human variant of the protein is ran through a database containing all known species that carry a similar gene. After filtering for differences, the species were compiled into an ancestry chart. This research could point to a deeper understanding of gene regulation and expression.

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Chandrakanth Emani, Ph.D.


Biochemistry | Biology | Genetics | Oncology