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Electoral reform has become a hotly debated issue, and it has recently been in the news at federal and state levels. On the federal level, the House of Representatives recently passed an electoral reform bill to expand early voting and allow for same-day voter registration. On the state level, Kentucky has become one of the most recent states to implement photo identification requirements. Georgia’s strict voter registration system became a subject of deep controversy during the most recent gubernatorial election. Throughout the past couple of decades, electoral reform has been tackled in a variety of different ways; some states have offered increased opportunities for early voting, while others have implemented more restrictive identification requirements.

This study uses survey data from Georgia to explore the basis of public support for a number of electoral reforms that are currently being debated or have been implemented the past couple of decades. Partisan differences are found in levels of support for most reforms, particularly in support for photo identification requirements. Respondents who identify as southern were more likely to oppose vote by mail and Internet voting and are less likely to support Election Day registration.

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Jeffrey Kash, Ph.D.


American Politics | Political Science