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This document is a snapshot of Nice Food, a nonprofit food truck. The truck uses a pay-what-you-can model so that anyone may eat there, regardless of their ability to pay. The chief goal of Nice Food is to lower food insecurity in its community, which will initially be Louisville, KY. The company will be an addition to the strong effort against hunger in Louisville, bringing the additional strength of mobility to the fight.

This document exists to map out the path of a startup for a student, as well as to provide a clear picture of what Nice Food is and how it developed to this point. Nice Food has been founded by Nathan Brooks, an economics and entrepreneurship student. What is presented in this document is the cumulation of eight months of work. Over these eight months, Nice Food went from being a dream to being nearly ready to launch.

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Cole Crider, Ph.D.


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Food and Beverage Management | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Other Business