Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects



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This project seeks to determine how engineering can be applied to the sport of jump rope so that athletes may better understand the science behind the sport and apply it to improve their performance in “speed jumping.” This style of jump rope consists of a jumper alternating their feet, with the rope passing under them with each step. Several types of ropes, handles, rope lengths, and widths between a jumper’s handles were tested to determine correlations between each variable and different STEM concept. These findings were then transitioned into a lesson plan so that both the jumpers and coaches could better understand the connections between STEM and their sport in a way that would be useful to them. Additionally, this lesson draws from teaching standards to supply an incentive for teachers to incorporate into their classrooms. This project is especially valuable since the majority of jumpers are female and women are still underrepresented in many STEM disciplines. Similarly, several initiatives from national organizations, such as the Department of Defense and National Science Foundation, have been created to involve women in STEM which further emphasizes the need for women in STEM. Overall, this project will give jumpers the opportunity to consider the field through the context of one of their existing passions and encourage their participation in STEM.

Advisor(s) or Committee Chair

Julie Ellis, Ph.D., PE


Engineering | Science and Mathematics Education | Sports Sciences