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Theatre and Dance

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This CE/T explores the nature of theatre as a tool to encourage social change. Theatre is an important art form that can influence audiences into considering contemporary societal concerns and taking action. This capstone specifically addresses theatre prior to the 2000s as effective commentary on modern issues in America, such as police brutality, discrimination, reproductive rights, and religious hypocrisy. I have created a podcast as a resource for young dramaturgs and activists about existing and accessible plays that can be used to address important societal issues. This project is a culmination of my interest in theatre, history, communication and social justice. This podcast is intended to encourage the production and research of older plays that show the severity and longevity of certain issues still impacting today’s society. I have conducted dramaturgical research on plays of the past and their context both at the time of the playwright’s writing and my analysis.

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Michelle Dvoskin, Ph.D.


Communication | Other Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies