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Mental health nursing is a complex and radically changing discipline that must continuously adapt to evidence based practices, including the use of alternative options for the treatment of mental illness. There has recently been increased research into the use of hallucinogenic and sedative drugs for the treatment of mental illness. Hallucinogenic and sedative drugs were examined as potential treatment options for a variety of mental illnesses in the 1960s, although these trials were ceased by the government due to human safety concerns. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved trials to study the use of hallucinogenic drugs to treat mental illness, and sedative drugs, such as ketamine are currently FDA approved to treat major depressive disorder. This presentation will provide an overview of the literature regarding the history of hallucinogenic and sedative drug trials, as well as current research on the use of these drugs to treat mental illness. The potential impact that these drugs could have on mental health treatment will be discussed, as well as the evolution of the mental health nursing role, especially as it pertains to these innovative treatment options.

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Kim Link, DNP, PMHNP


Mental and Social Health | Nursing