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There is a massive flow of information about the COVID-19 pandemic from news coverage, daily announcements from local and national political leaders and health authorities, as well as social media. Because of this, a focus on providing clear, honest, and valid information is needed. One way to achieve this goal is through impactful state websites that can act as the main resource for COVID-19 related news.

This project will be analyzing three COVID-19 state response websites, (Kentucky’s website), (Oregon’s website), and (Louisiana’s website) in terms of their use of website design and crisis communication strategies. I will be looking at two aspects of content strategy and website design — usability and impression — and three aspects of crisis communication— ambiguity, complexity, and predictability. This project will define these terms in detail. I then will analyze these aspects through looking at the homepage and a few pages linked from the homepage in detail. It will then offer the most important takeaways as a resource for these websites as well as any future content that may need to utilize both design and crisis communication resources.

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Daniel Liddle, Ph.D.


Health Communication | Other Communication | Technical and Professional Writing