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No Day but Today: The Social and Cultural Impact of Rent addresses how Jonathan Larson’s musical changed the theater industry and the lives of those living in the shadows. Rent gave struggling artists, drag queens, and those suffering from HIV/AIDS a voice during a time in which they were being pushed aside and disposed of by the mainstream media. Larson’s untimely death the night before his Off-Broadway premiere did not allow him to see his masterpiece soar, but the message of love that his show promotes is still being spread across the world by anniversary tours and interviews with original cast members in remembrance of Larson. Using in-depth analysis of Rent and interviews from those closest to Larson, current cast members, and those involved in HIV/AIDS awareness, this project is an in-depth focus on the life of Larson and the show that changed the lives of many.

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Ted Hovet, Ph.D.


English Language and Literature | Theatre and Performance Studies