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This critical biography of lexicographer, linguist, and dialectologist Dr. John Algeo delves into his corpus of research data and notes and seeks to analyze his methods and the resulting wealth of publications derived from their compilation. It also aims provide a succinct overview of his life and career. Algeo experienced many changes within these fields; perhaps most notably, the advent of technological advances that made data collection and storage easier, such as the Internet and computer processes. As a result, his work lends itself as an incredible historic model and, as such, will be compared to current techniques of dictionary-making. Insights on Algeo’s methods and influence are provided through interviews with Dr. Joan Hall, editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English (1975-2013); Algeo’s co-author and professor of composition and research, Dr. Carmen Acevedo Butcher; and Kory Stamper, editor for the Cambridge Dictionary and former associate editor of Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Additionally, this presentation, and subsequent thesis, describes the development of the archival process presently underway to digitize Algeo’s field notes to make them publicly accessible for further research and/or study.

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Trini Stickle, Ph.D.


Linguistics | Other Linguistics