Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Philosophy and Religion

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Children serve as natural philosophers. Their innate sense of questioning, in a classroom setting, with the right instruction, can be beneficial to understanding many abstract concepts. This project is a user-friendly elementary school teachers’ guide to encouraging philosophical questions and thoughts in young students. Teachers should be able to utilize the guide as a skeleton in forming their own lesson plans. The guide is not a completed lesson plan, rather an array of activities and literature that can be incorporated into pre-existing units or be used as a tool in creating new ones. Outlines include literature synopsis, overall philosophical themes, teacher background information, teacher facilitated discussion questions, and optional extension activities. Outlines are cognitively appropriate to the various grade levels and incorporate Common Core State Standards. This capstone will be posted on public portals (such as Kentucky library websites) so that teachers who wish to use the resource may do so. The continuity of this project should encourage teachers to discuss abstract concepts in the classroom, and ultimately allow students to explore natural curiosity in a manner that is cohesive with education requirements.

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Audrey Anton, Ph.D.


Education | Elementary Education | Philosophy