Newsletter created by the cadets of the 321st AAFCTD stationed at WKU. This issue includes:

  • Barney Sutton Gets Air Medal for European Combat Duty
  • A.S. Carpenter Heads Complete New Staff
  • Soldier of the Week, Claude Dierolf
  • Something to Think About
  • Beauty Queen of Hill to be Chosen in Contest
  • Xmas Eve Marks Debut of Detachment Carollers
  • Instructor of the Week, Warner Willey
  • Popular Coed Gives Advice -- For Men Only
  • Student Majors Come and Go
  • And Speaking of Student Majors
  • Communique from Plan & Training
  • Those Gargantuan Trees
  • Western Production of "Claudia" is Pleasant Surprise to Critic
  • We'll Always Be First in Line
  • Now This is the Space
  • Basketball Schedule Revised as Squads Prepare for Second Half
  • No Santa Claus
  • Song of the Week
  • More Schooling Wanted by Soldiers Overseas
  • At Ease, Rest Peel Off
  • Squadron News
  • GI in Tropics Gets Christmas Sweater


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