Newsletter created by the cadets of the 321st AAFCTD stationed at WKU. This issue includes:

  • Miss Jean McKenzie Voted "Sweetheart of 321st"
  • New USO Opened in Bowling Green
  • Special Service Fund Aided
  • Solder of the Week, Jimmy Martin, Jack Atkinson, Goodman Kaplan, Leonard Lance
  • Alumni Get Open Post
  • Major Visits 321st
  • Effects of Egotism on the 321st
  • Squadron Songs
  • Training Letter Number 82
  • Student Major, Roy Johnson
  • Esterly, John. A Reflection
  • Love Rationed at University of California
  • Post War Horizon
  • Chatt, Orville. May Day at Western
  • Aircrew Quiz
  • Don't Read This
  • Cole, Robert. Major Sport Shorts
  • Orville Chatt has Prominent Uncle
  • Danger: Flight E's Blue and Gold Leagues Murderers' Row
  • Another Blue Ribbon Product
  • New Clothing Issue for Air Students
  • Saturday Review of the News
  • 321st Organizes Cage Team
  • Voice
  • Malandro, John & Frank Dick. Batting-it-Around
  • Medical Staff at 321st Efficient
  • Squadron Song Competition Won by D
  • Shall We Have Music?
  • Adjutant, Richard Farr
  • Reactions from Air Crew Students
  • This, That and What Not
  • A Word to Class B
  • A Word of Appreciation


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