Newsletter created by the cadets of the 321st AAFCTD stationed at WKU. This issue includes:

  • 321st Gets New Commanding Officer, George Updegraff
  • Student Staff Changes
  • Test Pilot Talks to Class E Men
  • Patches New Official
  • Squadron A Wins Open Post
  • New Provost Sergeant
  • Back the Attack!
  • The Match
  • New Feature Column Planned
  • Ex-Student Major
  • Meet the Challenge
  • Favorite Songs
  • Gripe Boxes Available
  • Squadron Sports
  • National Track Champ Student Here
  • Major Sports Short
  • Ol' Diz
  • Did you Know That?
  • Hamburger Joint Set Up in South Seas
  • Sapplings
  • Adjutant, Allan hadley
  • Colonel Catts Retires
  • Extra! Extra! Germany to be Plastered by New Kind of Bomb, Hitler to Get Mouthful
  • Prompt Delivery of War Bonds
  • Places to Go -- Mammoth Cave
  • A-S Wives Organize Club
  • Daffynitions


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