Phi Mu


Phi Mu Sorority top row l to r: Nancy Nahikian, Mary Shown, Vickie Howell, Kathy Slater, Valerie Abshire, Lisa Pillitteri, Leslie Garell, Julie Poor. 2nd row l to r: Sara Maddox, Nancy Quarcelino, Leslie Shearer, Marla Tharp, Beth Thomas, Marilyn York. 3rd row l to r: Jill Burd, Winnie McConnell, Janice Minor, Karen Simerman, Marcia Terry, Janet Wittenbraker, Karen York, Sheila Buck. 4th row l to r: Janet Convey, Phoebe Denton, Patricia Iacobello, Angie Malone, Jenrose Pierce, Micky Wheeler, Beverly Young, Suzanne Zollner. 5th row l to r: Karla Baker, Kelley Chandler, Kendra Grosshuesch, Kathy Gruccio, Deb Hertelendy, Cindy Martin, Sherrill Powell, Lynn Thompson, Christie Baccus, Maria Bottego, Rhyia Miller, Brenda Barnette. 6th row l to r: Mary Caldwell, Laura Daum, Suzanne Flory, Laura Hortin, Mary Houchin, Ann Phillips, Lou Redmon, Tamme Schwartz, Teri Stallings, Vicki Tuttle.


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