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There has never been a serious study of any kind made relative to the schools of Russell County. That, perhaps, is the main reason for a hodge-podge of records because no scholar evidently has had a reason for collecting them into a treatise that would give a running, accurate account of what took place here educationally from the time the county was organized in 1825 to the present. This thssis does not attempt to ferret out all the aspects of Russell's schools from that early date until now, but concentrates instead on a rather late happening—consolidation, and the role that newspapers have played in the movement. The real beginning—in fact, the first consolidation—began in Russell County only in 1952- As editor of The Times Journal at Russell Springs, I feel that I had a front row seat through it all- In our newspaper, and the Russell County News at Jamestown, plus a few scattering articles in surrounding media and The Courier-Journal, I think the story of consolidation up to now has been fully told. It will be my task at this time to sum up, as it were, what has been done. But I hope to go a little further than that: to record the frustrations and difficulties encountered and to get-away, so to speak, as I progress through the chain of events, from the hard core of facts that is usually the main grist in this type of writing, and effuse instead a bit of the human element—that side, in my estimation, which is so often overlooked but which is necessarily the ingredient that changes the course of time and tide . . . and of history.


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