Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Chad Snyder (Director), Dr. Cathleen Webb, Dr. Kevin Williams

Degree Program

Department of Chemistry

Degree Type

Master of Science


Pyridazines are heterocyclic compounds with an N-N bond in their ring structure. Heterocyclic aromatic compounds are of great interest as a result of their novel properties and commercial applications. Our current research is focused on the potential role of pyridazines in next generation electronic devices that utilize organics as the semiconducting material. The synthesis of 5, 6-fused ring pyridazines beginning from fulvenes (Scheme 1) is described herein. These fused heterocycles will serve as synthetic models and building blocks for potential organic or organometallic conducting polymers.

Our goal was to modify the route of Snyder et al. previously reported for the direct synthesis of pyridazine 2. This required improved synthesis of fulvene 1 and higher yields of 5. Additionally, a thorough analysis of the x-ray data was obtained to better understand the 3D aspects of this compound (pyridazine 2).This route was quite general and features an efficient and convenient synthesis.

Single crystal X-ray analysis confirms the molecular structure of pyridazine 2. Full synthesis and characterization of newly formed pyridazine 2 and Fulvene 1 are reported.


Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Polymer Chemistry