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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Brent Askins (Director), Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Monica Burke

Degree Program

Department of Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences

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Master of Science


In 2008, the excitement to teach the class, Introduction to College to new students who are beginning college, was greatly accepted with much reservation. Numerous memories reflected back to that special period when the writer was faced with those daunting decisions of where to attend college. Those memories of excitement and fear of being away from home the very first time, starting college life, meeting new friends, and what career path to choose, were difficult decisions during that transitional time. Orientation class back then consisted mainly of a half day spent touring the college campus and listening to various speakers; if you could stay awake.
The scope of this study will be to assess the effectiveness of Introduction to College (GE-100), on student GPAs and “persistence-to-graduation” rates as measures of success. In the course, the student will learn about the variety of support services available at the college, the behaviors necessary to be successful in college, and issues that relate to choice of major and/or careers.
This study used a quantitative approach utilizing an ex-post facto longitudinal design that measures student grade point averages (GPA) and persistence-to-graduation rates for the five- year period from the Fall Semester of 2003 through the Spring Semester of 2008. Overall, at the conclusion, the results indicated that GE-100 students had significantly higher GPAs and significantly greater persistence- to-graduation rates over a five year period when compared with student who did not take or complete (GE- 100).


Community College Leadership | Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research