Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Uta Ziegler, Director, Dr. Claus Ernst, Dr. Guangming Xing

Degree Program

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Degree Type

Master of Science


This thesis discusses the development of software architecture to support the computational investigation of random polygons in 3 space. The random polygons themselves are a simple model of long polymer chains. (A DNA molecule is one example of a polymer.)

This software architecture includes "building blocks" which specify the actual manipulations and computations to be performed, and a structural framework which allows the user to specify which manipulations/computations to perform, in which order and with how many repetitions. The overall framework is designed in such a way that new building blocks can easily be added in the future. The development of three different building blocks to be used in this architecture which are entitled: Reducer, Lengthener and OutsideInLengthener are also discussed in this thesis. These building blocks manipulate the existing polygons - increasing or decreasing their size.


Computer Sciences