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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Marty Boman (Director), Janet Applin, Julia Roberts

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


Research on whole-school bullying programs shows some effectiveness in creating awareness and a reduction in overall bullying with vigilant supervision. Roleplaying games repeatedly taught to students help them deal with bullying in specific situations, but all these interventions leave a great deal to be desired when conditions are not in line with the training, most of which most are not (Smith, Schneider, Smith, & Ananiadou, 2004). In addition, student perceptions can differ from the staff and administration. A wide gap exists between how students, parents, teachers, and administrators perceive bullying. Students remain confused and flounder in the moment when they feel bullied, while bystanders are statistically shown to be scared and even help the bully in many cases (Mishna, Pepler, & Wiener, 2006). This study examines research from the past 10 years on the effectiveness of whole-school programs. Two main criteria include: (1) A comprehensive “macro” comparison study of research leading to a “micro” examination of specific school research, and (2) an examination of the importance of recognizing perception and creating interventions that any student can utilize no matter their level of fear. In addition, an introduction and an explanation of the ideas and concepts of the I’m Gonna Write That Down program are included.


Education | Educational Leadership | Educational Methods | Elementary Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development