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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Mark Doggett (Director), Daniel Jackson, Stephen King

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Department of Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences

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Master of Science


Cocoa has been useful in several ways, especially to countries that produce it and consumers all over the world. Its benefits range from improving economies to satisfying millions all over the world who desire one cocoa product or the other. The production of cocoa however is not without its own attendant problems. Aging tree stock, spread of diseases, and production capacity problems are, but a few of many challenges that seed gardens that produce cocoa face. This study investigated the pollination process on selected seed gardens in Ghana, the second largest world producer of cocoa. The purpose of this study was to investigate the artificial pollination process of cocoa on seed gardens in Ghana, and explore ways by which the Lean principle of Value Stream Mapping could be applied in improving the process. The process of pollination was observed on eighteen seed gardens, and a current value stream map depicting the existing process developed to give an indication of the current state of affairs. Subsequently, a future value stream map based on the current map was developed to show aspects of the process that could be improved to enhance the operations of the seed gardens. The future value stream map revealed that operational procedures relating to cleaning and preparation of trees, choosing male and female trees for pollination, harvesting of pollen, and manually pollinating practices presented various avenues for improving the pollination process and hence seed production output.


Agribusiness | Agricultural Science | Agriculture | Plant Breeding and Genetics | Plant Sciences