Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. David Erbach (Director), Dr. Uta Ziegler, Dr. Huanjing Wang

Degree Program

Department of Computer Science

Degree Type

Master of Science


In this research we introduce MoneyWare, a simulator designed to explore and ultimately to provide guidance on simulating software portfolio quality management. The name “MoneyWare” is inspired by the movie Moneyball. It chronicled a baseball team which used more descriptive statistics to achieve a higher quality ball club with limited resources. MoneyWare is inspired by the observation that the problem of software development is somewhat analogous. Management is faced with an incoming stream of tasks for development. The tasks vary in terms of size, priority, risk, and date needed. But, in any case, the demands come to more than the resources available to do them. We then consider various policies which a software development manager might consider in determining which tasks to schedule for development work. Using different potential and plausible resource allocation policies, we explore long term estimates of the quality which the policy might sustain over an entire applications portfolio. MoneyWare is able to accurately simulate at a basic level task generation, task completion and software portfolio generation. Our better scheduling policy has shown as much as a 20% increase in task completion and higher quality than any of the other simulated policies.


Computer Sciences | Software Engineering