Publication Date

Spring 2016

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Aaron L. Wichman (Director), Elizabeth L. Shoenfelt, and Amber N. Schroeder

Degree Program

Department of Psychological Sciences

Degree Type

Master of Science


Organizational justice and citizenship behaviors are important components that contribute to an organization’s overall effectiveness. Additionally, when an employee enters into a new organization, they form psychological contracts with their employer that consists of elements such as fairness and consultation. This study aimed to integrate the literature on organizational justice, psychological contract, and organizational citizenship behaviors, as well as look at the possible effects uncertainty may play. Specifically, it was proposed that psychological contract would mediate the moderating effects of uncertainty and justice in predicting prosocial behavioral intentions. Results did not support the hypothesis. Interestingly, however, identification with the university seemed to play a role in the uncertainty by fairness interaction in predicting perceived contract fulfillment.


Applied Behavior Analysis | Personality and Social Contexts | Social Psychology