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Lee Jones, West Richards, Finley Grise

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


There is very little literature pertaining to the Public School Music curriculas of the state teachers colleges in the United States.

Various questions, however, have arisen in each institution relative to the required music courses and to the number of hours that should be required of a public school music major. Music teachers disagree as to the text to be used in music courses. Of all the various public school music texts available it is difficult to find any one text that is most worthy of recognition as there seem to be many of equal value. Not only is there disagreement concerning this phase of teacher training but also a lack of agreement as to what subjects other than music courses should be required of the public school music major. There is general agreement among educators that public school music teachers should have broad general academic training.

It is impossible to determine definitely the number of hours in the various subjects that should be required in education than any other subject with the exception of music itself.

There is quite a lack of agreement as to applied music requirements for such a major. One purpose of this study is to determine whether or not a public school major should be required to take piano, voice, brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments.

Formerly it was thought children should be taught music only individually in order to obtain desired results. Now it seems that equally valuable instruction may be given in groups. Group piano is today becoming very prevalent among the methods of giving musical instruction. This method of teaching has proved itself to be a very efficient one. Group instruction is more economical, and is conducive to a cooperative spirit which is one of the desirable outcomes of all educational procedures.

Today in the best school systems group instruction is given not only in piano but also in brass, woodwind, percussion and string instruments.

Some think that the individual majoring in public school music should be required to take one or more semester of chorus, while others believe it unnecessary. Some teachers restrict glee clubs, both male and female, to the best voices only. Others think it should be required of all public school and applied music majors. Opinion on all phases of the requirements for music majors varies and we can determine only in a measure these answers by discovering the various institutional practices in respect to music curricula.

In the light of these considerations the problem is undertaken. It is the purpose of this study to determine the requirements of the teacher training institutions of the United States for public school music majors in (1) music courses, (2) education courses, and (3) content subjects.


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