Publication Date

Fall 2016

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Guangming Xing, Zhonghang Xia, and Huanjing Wang

Degree Program

Department of Computer Science

Degree Type

Master of Science


Nowadays, the web services and mobile technology advance to a whole new level. These technologies make the modern communication faster and more convenient than the traditional way. People can also easily share data, picture, image and video instantly. It also saves time and money. For example: sending an email or text message is cheaper and faster than a letter. Interactive communication allows the instant exchange of feedback and enables two-way communication between people and people, or people and computer. It increases the engagement of sender and receiver in communication.

Although many systems such as REDCap and Taverna are built for improving the interactive communication between the servers and clients, there are still common drawbacks existing in these systems. These systems lack the support of the branching logic and two-way communication. They also require administrator’s programming skills to function the system adequately. These issues are the motivation of the project. The goal is to build a framework to speed up the prototype development of mobile application. The MABIC support the complex workflow by providing conditional logic, instantaneous interactivity between the administrators and participants and the mobility. These supported features of MABIC improve the interaction because it engages the participants to communicate more with the system. MABIC system provides the mobile electronic communication via sending a text message or pushing a notification to mobile’s device. Moreover, MABIC application also supports multiple mobile platforms. It helps to reduce the time and cost of development. In this thesis, the overview of MABIC system, its implementation, and related application is described.


Databases and Information Systems | Information Security | Software Engineering