Lewis Johnson

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Lee Jones, Finley Grise

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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of homogenous grouping for the freshman classes of Henderson county High School. We are aware of the wide range of abilities and achievements of our students and feel very strongly our responsibility to advance the slower students as fast as possible without their becoming blocks in the paths of the faster students. However, at the same time, we must not permit the faster to impede the progress of the slower. It is our belief that when students of wide abilities are grouped together that the slower students soon recognize the superiority of the faster. Consequently a “What is the use?” State of mind develops. As a result of this unwholesome attitude the mind is frequently shifted into neutral, so to speak, since the student feels that his contribution to the class is insignificant when equated with the achievements of the faster students. – “So, why worry?” This study will in some way verify or dispel this belief.

We recognize the limitation of groupings because of the wide range of subjects chosen by the students; however, we were able to achieve some degree of homogeneous grouping in the basic subjects of English and mathematics which all freshmen are required to take. We feel that it would be impractical to attempt it in our elective subjects; yet we are able to advise and guide students into particular subjects, using their abilities as one of the factors for such recommendations.

It is the belief of this writer that homogeneous grouping is a very close associate of proper guidance. To reinforce this concept, Dunsmoor and Miller are cited:

Guidance is a means of helping individuals to understand and use wisely the educational, vocational and personal potentialities and opportunities which they have or can develop. It is a form of systematic assistance whereby pupils are aided in achieving satisfactory adjustment to self and to others in their school and life relationships. The assistance provided should also help pupils to make better adjustments to their home and play environments.

The groupings that were made in the freshman class were not set up with thesis writing in mind. Therefore the reader may find some discrepancies in grouping according to rank. In some cases it was necessary to disregard rank in order to get the student into a particular class such as agriculture or home economics.

A few students were allowed to wait until their sophomore year to take mathematics in order that they may take some courses which had special interest for them.


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